Was just the other day we saw Olivia Palermo and her layered braids on the front row at fashion week, and now Chrissy Teigen has brought the trend to the Oscars. The expecting star is known for her statement style and we love that she’s making this cool-girl look red carpet ready.

Her hairstylist Christian Wood posted this picture on his Instagram showing off the gorgeous style in its entirety. Read on to take a look at her gorgeous beauty style from all angles and to read our how-to from celebrity stylist Anthony Nader.


1. On damp hair douse your mane with a sea salt spray as you need a gritty feel for extra grip.

2. Shake hair 80 percent dry then section hair into four even parts, smoothing over each section starting at the back with a extra large paddle bristle brush.

3. Now your hair is completely dry, spray a dry shampoo in all over and brush through. This is going to make your strands feel thicker and make your warrior braids appear thicker too.

4. Backcomb gently at the roots a little in the front section so you get extra height then smooth over to hide the teasing and secure the top section at the back of the crown with a snag-free elastic.


5. Start your first braid at the centre and plait all the way to the end.

6. Now do the same, with two or four more plaits, either side of that original middle braid.

7. Gather all braids together and secure with a snag free elastic at the nape of your neck, then add one last elastic of the very ends to keep all the tails together.

TIP: Don’t worry about any stray tendrils that fall out around the hairline as this keeps in with the soft and effortless finish you want for this look.

by Justine Dunton-Rose for