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Sarah Hyland's Ballerina Bun @ EMMY's 2014

Sarah Hyland’s Ballerina Bun @ EMMY’s 2014

For this look, a day or two on ‘pre-washed, loved’ hair works best. Scrape your locks back smoothly with a paddle brush and secure on the base of your crown with a bungee grip. Grab a large doughnut hair piece and wrap up from the tail to the base and secure with a few bobby pins until it feels secure. Pull the bun a little so it has an ‘airiness’ to it.

Behati Prinsloo's casual pony @ EMMY's 2014

Behati Prinsloo’s casual pony @ EMMY’s 2014

Sprits the roots all over with dry shampoo and massage in to give lazy tresses some extra oomph. Place in your centre part line (for that extra bit of chic) and direct your hair back, just below your crown with your hands and secure. Remember not to flatten your flirty pony to keep the overall look like you’ve just casually whipped it up.

Gwen Stefani's sleek and straight hair @ EMMY's 2014

Gwen Stefani’s sleek and straight hair @ EMMY’s 2014

Wash your hair with a straightening shampoo and conditioner to nix any waves. Blast hair 80% all over, and then work a 20c piece of straightening balm evenly from roots to ends with a wide tooth combo. Divide hair in half, from top to bottom, clip the top half up and blow dry the bottom with large flat paddle brush. Next unclip the top section and blow dry with your dead centre part in. Spritz a light weight shine spray on for extra radiant gleam.