Anthony Nader, Kendall Jenner, NYFW 17


Not only is Anthony Nader responsible for cutting and styling our Beauty Director’s locks regularly, he owns luxury salon, RAW Hair in Sydney’s Surry Hills, and has a celebrity client list that includes Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bündchen and Miranda Kerr (to name just a few!). He’s also just finished up working backstage at New York Fashion Week and naturally, we wanted to know everything…

So scroll down for his tips and tricks, and what it’s really like working backstage on shows like Tom Ford, with all the major models. Say hi Kendall!



On the backstage vibe… 

“The Tom Ford vibe was electric- with photographers everywhere- especially when Gigi and Kendall were getting prepped. Tom would also walk through from time to time, which was really cool. I could have died when he walked past me, smiled and said hello. Of course, Tom’s fragrant candles were burning bright on the work stations which was a beautiful touch and very Tom Ford. Being backstage on his show was one of those ‘wow’ moments.”


Anthony Nader, NYFW 2017


How long do you have to create the hairstyles?

“Each model was different depending on their hair’s texture. If their hair is baby soft, it would get a light hold product that gives the strands more grab. If their hair is frizzy, it would be tonged on the smallest hot tong and then brushed out to create an abstract shape. All in all the average a hairstyle would take was 15-20 minutes max.”


Anthony Nader, NYFW 2017


How do you prepare for these shows? 

“Personally, I treat every show the same, as really it doesn’t matter if you’re working on an uber famous model or a model that hasn’t hit mega-stardom yet. Hair is hair! I make sure my kit is packed and ticked off and then checked again and I always tend to over pack, but that’s just me. Always listen up, be open to learning and stay humble.”


Anthony Nader, NYFW 2017


On coming up with the look… 

“Orlando Pita was the lead stylist on this show [Tom Ford]. So along with him and make-up extraordinaire, Pat McGrath, Tom would have had a meeting and explained the theme/ inspiration behind the SS18 collection and then the wheels go into motion. Orlando’s vibe is always working with the hair’s natural texture, but just refining it, so it looks more defined and polished, which I love.”


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What is the quick fix for a model who turns up with dirty hair?

“That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it? If the model’s hair is too over-loaded with product, they get quickly washed, or we use a primer spray that dissolves the product somewhat. At the end of the day though, dirty strands could be a benefit for the look for that show, and therefore [takes] less time prepping, which is [a] win for everyone. No model likes to sit in a chair for too long and who [can] blame them?”


Anthony Nader, NYFW 2017


What are your must-have products? 

“Orlando was very low key about what brands we used. He trusts our instincts, as long as the results turn out how he needs. Seen backstage was his very own range, [as well as] L’Oréal Paris, Kerastase, Bumble & Bumble… Products ranged from sea salt sprays to hair sprays, oils and moisturising creams.”


Anthony Nader, NYFW 2017


Best backstage tips…

“Don’t overload hair with product, as it won’t do you or your hair any favours. The ‘less-is-more’ approach to styling hair is key to making your style look like hair and not like a helmet. And smooth out curly hair textures with a large cushion brush with loads of bristles as this quickens the styling time dramatically.

by Laura Wilson | InStyle Magazine