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5 GOOD REASONS TO WEAR BRAIDS OFTEN. Anthony’s latest shoot and quotes seen GRITTY PRETTY

What is it with women and braids?

We’ve never met a braid we didn’t like, but they aren’t exactly an everyday style after your teens – unless you’re Beyoncé. (This needs to change, but more on that later.)

Braids are a lot like romantic comedies. They seem complicated, but most abide by the same format. If you know how to braid, the possibilities are endless. We could look at a milkmaid or boxer braid over and over and never tire and an intricate plot always incites more praise.

Seems to us the only reason why we don’t wear our hair this way more often is because there is no real occasion that calls for it. So we’ve enlisted award-winning hair stylist, Anthony Nader, to come up with five styles and tell us exactly where, when and how you can bring them out

What would you call this braid?

A relaxed or ‘undone’ fish tail braid.

Where would you wear this?

Any event where the dress code is smart casual or a photo of you might end up on Instagram.

Top tips for this style?

Slick hair tight into a low pony just below your crown to start the fishtail braid. When you get to the end, secure with a plastic tie and pull the braid apart gently so it appears soft and ethereal.

What would you call this braid?

Bohemian braids.

Where could you wear it?

A weekend get-together, music or arts festival or when you’re on holiday. This one’s as low maintenance as they come.

Top tips for this style?

The more haphazard and random in size your plaits, the more natural it will look. For this shoot, I braided approximately 15 different sized braids throughout the model’s hair. Another tip is to keep braids tight and clean so they look intentional so it doesn’t vibe too Bob Marley-esque.

What would you call this style?

Bubble braids.

Where could you wear this braid?

To a bridal shower, milestone birthday party or a more laid-back wedding.

Top tips for this style?

There is no need to braid all the way down to the ends for this style, introduce your ribbon anywhere in the braid and wrap it around the end of each section and tie in a knot. The style doesn’t need to be symmetrical, but it should feel and look balanced.

What would you call this braid?

Classic fishtail braid.

Where could you wear this?

Try this on a Monday when you want to make more of an effort, or bring it out on a casual Friday at work. It’s also good for date nights and basically anytime you want to present yourself as someone who’s got life sorted.

Top tips for this style?

Brush the pony smooth before you start. Use a shine spray for extra glam before and/or after you start the fishtail braid.

What would you call this braid?

Lemonade Braid (and yes, you can thank Beyoncé for this one).

Where would a woman wear this?

Take this style to a concert or themed-party, whenever you’re feeling a little bit extra.

Top tips for this style?

Can I tell you that I cheated on this look? I actually went to a wig shop and got synthetic hair pieces (cheap as chips!) and plated about ten of them the night before so I could glue them on with a special hair glue also from the wig shop. I slicked the hair back first into a low bun first, then applied the glue in dots along the braid and positioned them in the curved shape. You can create whatever shape you wish. After we shot this image, I peeled off the braids without a trace of glue in sight and brushed out the models hair without one tear from her! It took me 20 minutes max to put together.

INTO THE BLEACHERS Anthony’s bright ideas when your wanting to venture over to that beautiful clean blonde. Seen GRAZIA

Shed new light on hair’s biggest trend

The blonder, the better. But, like all whites – handle with care. Set to Delicate and pre-treat with balms and oils, soak with colour bonding technology, and wash with cosmetic shampoos that are violet based.

For brilliant whites and a sharper colour – treatment is key. “Olaplex treatments are the holy grail of keeping my blonde clientele with hair that always looks a million bucks,” says Anthony Nader. And turn the dial to Cold Wash, “the warmer the temperature, the faster your beautiful, mega-watt blonde will fade to brassy gold.”

Hair trends change quicker than a Quick Spin, so dive into the bleachers now.


There’s a lot to say about  Jennifer Lawrence’s new spy thriller, Red Sparrow.

The fact that she plays a ballerina who is forced into using her sexuality as a weapon for the Russian government is a plot-line that could be seen as a tiny bit problematic.

But what has fans really god damn miffed has nothing to do with the character’s story arc and everything to do with her hair.

Specifically, one scene where, with help from a fellow spy, she dyes her naturally brunette hair to platinum blonde with nothing but a single application of an at-home dye kit.

And the friend doesn’t even wear gloves.

This whole thing is, frankly, outrageous.

Anyone who has gone through the intensive (or more often draw-out) process of lightening their hair from black or brown to icy blonde knows this is simply not possible – as a few fans have already pointed out on Twitter.

While recent breakthroughs in hair-dying technology like Olaplex have made it easier to go blonde and not have all your hair fall out in the process, it’s still a transformation that normally takes more than one trip to the salon.

If doing at home – which no hairdresser in their right mind recommends – Lawrence’s character Dominika Egorova would have ended up with orange hair at best after one application and need to repeat with enough time in between not to singe her hair off.

And there is no way her hair would be looking this good immediately after that…

To top it off, Dominika’s next move is to dive into a pool – which, as some of us triggered with teenage flashbacks will know – is the fastest way to turn your hair a particularly disgusting shade of green.

If you are considering going for a dramatic switch to blonde like Lawrence’s character, celebrity stylist Anthony Nader has this advice: do an intensive hair masque treatment a couple weeks before your salon appointment; consult with your hairdresser and get all the details beforehand and be realistic about the limitations of your hair.

And if you can’t be bothered with all that, maybe just buy a wig like the Red Sparrow wardrobe team no doubt did for Ms Lawrence.

HAVE A BAD HAIRCUT? You may want to read this then. Seen Daily Mail

It used to be that a bad hair day meant scrunching up your hair into a messy ponytail and trying to avoid the world.

But these days there are a whole host of glamorous ways to cover up the fact that you overslept and didn’t wash your locks this morning.

From scrunchies to silk scarves, headbands and more, here FEMAIL takes a look at the five ways you can cover up your bad hair day and look good at the same time.

The silk scarf

A glance through Instagram will reveal countless pop stars, actresses and It girls wearing colourful silk scarves in their hair.

And if you’re missing hazy summer days, there’s something delightfully Riviera chic about this look.

You could make like YouTube star, Pia Muehlenbeck, or Anna Heinrich, and tie your silk headscarf around the top of your head, flaying it off to the side.

Alternatively, you could channel Georgia Love’s style – and use your scarf to tie a ponytail or a chic half up, half down style.

‘It’s time to bring out your fun, patterned scarves and turn that negative hair day into a positive one from hereon in,’ celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, told FEMAIL of this style.

‘A different patterned scarf will always brighten up your day.’

For those looking to emulate the look, Sportsgirl and ASOS have some pretty options around the $15 mark.

Anthony is also a fan of Ivana Scarves’ emerald offering, which retails for $99.

And while those with shorter locks or others wearing a top knot should pick a handkerchief-sized scarf for balance, others with long hair could pick a long scarf – which can act as the centrepiece to your look – and allow the scarf to flow out behind you.

The scrunchie

It was the trend spotted on runways everywhere from Paris to Melbourne.

And celebrities have been quick to pick up on the scrunchie’s revival, with Hailey Baldwin, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande all rocking the trend.

‘There’s no better time to embrace the fab 80s trademark scrunchie,’ Anthony Nader told FEMAIL.

‘Rake your strands up into a high pony and secure into one or two patterned numbers and let the hair around your face frame it – as these little flyaways will make your style more runway.’


For those wanting to try the original Sloane Ranger look, head to ASOS to get cheap, colourful-looking scrunchies.

Then, either channel a sports-chic hairstyle or something more preppy – to be at the vanguard of fashion and hide your two-day-old locks.

The headband

Blame Leighton Meester’s character, Blair Waldorf, in Gossip Girl.

But ever since the iconic TV programme hit screens, we’ve all been going wild for headbands – which offer coverage for greasy roots and a chic alternative to an up do.

‘Show off your facial features by investing in a soft gel to hold and slick your baby hairs and flyaways back into a soft style, away from your face,’ Anthony told FEMAIL of this style.

‘Then, place a headband on top for a pretty, different style.’

Free People offers pretty tie-back headbands for around $30, while ASOS has a pretty metal style reminiscent of something Jodi Gordon would wear to the Spring Races.

Simply brush you hair, sweep a headband over the top of it and channel your inner fairy. Blair Waldorf would be proud.

The ribbon

All that’s old is new again, and while you might remember first wearing a ribbon when you were five years old, these days the little girl hair accessory is the next word in cool.

‘If you’re feeling romantic, take yourself for a spot of shopping at the fabric store and purchase a few long pieces of narrow ribbon,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Black will always be a winner and it’s a staple because it goes with everything. Try weaving a piece through a loose braid or plait for winning extra points with your girl squad.’

Steph Claire Smith is one such star who pulls this look off with aplomb.

Pairing her printed ribbon with gold hoop earrings, a pretty dress and neutral make up – she looks pretty as a picture.

You should be able to pick up ribbons from any number of high street stores – but Boohoo has some pretty options, with reasonable price tags.

The clip

Last but not least, who needs kirby grips when you can use something chic, shiny and metallic instead?

Stars including Gigi Hadid, Alexa Chung and Jodi Gordon are all fans of this style.

‘Take your haircut to the next level by twisting your hair up into fun coils or buns in the nape of the neck,’ Anthony told FEMAIL.

‘Twist a special piece or two into secure.’

Again, you can head to ASOS to shop the style or Showpo, which also has some pretty pieces.

Lady Jayne also sell a packet of metallic swirly slides for $9.99, while Anthony recommends Kela Charms’s Shine on charms for a pretty, romantic look.

WHO WANTS MARGOT ROBBIE’S LOB? Anthony’s latest hair cutting tips seen DAILY MAIL

Looking to take years off your face and achieve a fresh, new look? It might be time to cut all your long hair off.

The lob (or long bob) is enjoying a moment right now, with Mintel reporting that hairdressers around the world are finding more and more women want to cut serious inches from their hair in order to create a chin-length bob.

As the lob soars in popularity, FEMAIL speaks to leading hairdresser, Anthony Nader, to find out why the celebrity-loved hairstyle suits and flatters every face shape and age.

The most recent star to try the lob is actress, Margot Robbie, who chopped several inches off between the BAFTAS and the Oscars with transformative results.

‘I love a lob,’ celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, told FEMAIL.

‘We’ve done the sharp jawline graphic-edged bob, and now it’s all about letting your length grow so it gently sweeps your shoulders.’

The hairdresser revealed that ‘the beauty of the popular style is that you have the length to alter the base line to meet your facial feature requirements’:

‘The length point at the very front can tip lower than the rest, so you have the illusion of “longer” in the front and shorter in the nape of the neck.’

Anthony also pointed out that you can also ‘keep the base line completely even and horizontal, so it sits at one sleek length all the way round.’

A good purveyor of this style is Margot Robbie, whose chin-length style suits her face perfectly.

But it’s not only twenty-somethings like Margot Robbie, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift who suit the lob.

Anthony pointed out that women in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond all suit the style – with women including Madonna, Kim Cattrall and Rose Byrne all wearing the cut.

‘You can have so much fun styling with or without layers,’ he said.

‘Having layers will definitely give your strands more volume and texture, while keeping your lob all one length will keep its appearance sleek and polished.

‘But be warned that when you have a one length lob, you’ll be working harder in the mornings to get a shape,’ he added.

‘This is because of the extra weight.’

For those thinking they would like to try the lob, a few words of warning and pieces of advice.

If you have a long or oval face, the pros recommend asking for longer bob, with layering to add volume.

Round or heart-shaped faces would do well to ask for a blunt finish, a la Margot Robbie.

‘Keep in mind that the smaller and more petite your face, the more you should have a style that doesn’t cover up all your facial features,’ Anthony said.

‘Fringes can definitely work – but on face shapes where your forehead is wider and longer, this works a treat.’

Finally, Anthony revealed that with a textured lob, the good news is that your styling can get ‘a whole lot easier’:

‘Invest in a sea salt spray or volume mousse and scrunch in your product into damp hair and you’re set to go,’ he said.

‘If you have a few extra minutes in the morning, blow dry your hair and scrunch it up while it’s drying.’


Textured, teased and tousled; it’s the hair style of Hollywood, and we want in. Stars hit the Oscars red carpet with variations, but there were two striking constants that remained; volume and ample texture.

Gently frizzed and outwardly teased, Jennifer Lawrence, Great Gerwig and Betty Gabriel all sported tresses which had been curled and textured with both height and volume. The focus was around the mid-lengths, with hair swelling out and around the face with drama (it was the Oscars, after all).

There was also no length prejudice – both big and small, long and short could enjoy the style. Jennifer Lawrence’s longer lengths were curled with a small barrelled tong and scrunched willingly. Greta Gerwig’s cropped, asymmetrical pixie was gritty and kinked to perfection. Hair was even pulled back into a half up ‘do on Get Out star Betty Gabriel, beautifully coiled and romantic.

But how to embrace this trend at home? We asked one of our favourite hairstylists, Anthony Nader, how to achieve those supremely tousled tresses – sans the poodle perm.

How to achieve this look?
To achieve masses of hair, the big secret is layering up the natural texture of your hair strands with product, or, in J-Law’s case….hair pieces en masse clipped in for the night out! Also, using your hot tools and tongs with confidence; curving and waving your hair with a barrel tong and thinking anything but loose and natural, ’cause that just isn’t going to cut it on the red carpet.

What products should we use?
Get your hands on a mousse that’s going to give you the va-va-voom and staying power. If your strands are on the finer side, I’d use a sea salt spray on the root area after applying the mousse to give more grunt to the area because this look is not about flat roots! Use a blow drier with your nozzle attached, as this directs the hot air directly onto the target area you want to sculpt. With your hot barrel tongs, aim for one that is ‘ceramic’ or ‘thermal’, as these benefits don’t zap the moisture out of your hair strands. Smooth over your famous, inspired hairstyle with a lovely cushion brush that has 100% boar bristle, as this baby will keep your hair appearing luxe and controlled all night long. Don’t be shy and invest in some human hair clip-in extensions that match perfectly with your own hair. You’ll be surprised how good they look, and how many celebs use them for red carpet events.

Is there a way to master the trend without the fuzz?
Fuzz is just the worst isn’t it? And hardly a winner in any hairstyle. Start off by always rinsing your hair on the coolest temperature water, as this will keep even the most unruly textured hair at bay and for the most part, looking smooth. Then try this – this is my secret tip to beautiful hair: use a nozzle on the end of your hairdryer always, as this makes your hair foolproof and combats fuzz with ease. Also, make sure you’ve had a “baby trim” before your big event. Snipping off your ends will showcase healthy ends and also appear thicker on the edge which is GOLD…Pardon the trophy pun! And when curling your sections, before you wrap them around your tong to reshape, always comb them smooth. This little trick is so important.

How do we keep it modern and not dated and daggy?
DON’T GO TOO WIDE! Having your hair shaped with width will definitely take you back to the ’80s and then all you need is leg warmers and fingerless gloves and you’re set. Another biggie to avoid is make sure your curl isn’t EXACTLY a curl / ringlet. Notice Jennifer’s big hair? Well her Stylist got it #SOright when it really could have gone SO wrong. It was big but not too big, it was curly but not too curly, there was height but not too much height. It was just SO good and I predict that Jen’s hair is the next big wave across the globe.



  • Celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader, revealed what’s ruining your locks
  • According to the professional, overwashing is a mistake so many of us make
  • His other major errors are using too much heat and rubbing your hair dry

Luscious locks is the goal of many women.

But did you know that some of your common haircare habits are in fact hindering your goals?

FEMAIL spoke to Sydney-based celebrity hairdresser, Anthony Nader – who looks after the likes of Cate Blanchett and Abbey Lee Kershaw – about the six things you need to stop doing to your hair forever for beautiful tresses.

From overwashing to rubbing your hair dry, some of what he says might surprise you.

1. Overwashing

According to Anthony, the first thing we all do too much is washing:

‘In Australia, I believe we wash our hair way too much,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘Instead we need to practise what the chic Parisians do and wash our hair strands once or twice a week max.’

Not only does washing reduce the brightness of any colour you have in your locks, but it also activates the sebaceous glands and tells them to produce more oil while the natural oils are stripped.

All of this means dull, lifeless and somewhat lank locks.

2. Rubbing it dry

You know the drill. You’re in a rush to get into work, your hair is wet and so you start furiously rubbing at it with a towel in the hope that this will speed up the drying process and do your hair no harm.

But, you should stop right there if you believe Anthony, who said rubbing your hair dry is doing it a great deal of damage and not helping get dry quicker:

‘Don’t rub, blot,’ he told FEMAIL.

‘Reason being that when you blot your hair, the water will absorb a lot faster than rubbing.

‘When you rub your strands, not only does this 80s technique cause unwanted hair breakage, but it will also make coloured strands frizzy.’

Something no one wants.

3. Using too much heat

‘No hair needs excessive heat and you’re only doing your strands more harm than good when your heated tools are turned up high,’ Anthony said.

He recommends starting at around 150 degrees to see how your hair is performing, and then ‘go in lots of ten from there’ if it needs it.

‘Highly-coloured, processed blondes should especially heed this advice,’ he added.

Ditch the hot tools and you’re sure to notice an improvement in general condition.

4. Tying your hair too tight

For a time, super high, super tight ponytails were all the rage.

These were often called the ‘Croydon facelift’, after British supermodel, Kate Moss pioneered the style.

However, hairdresser Anthony said that in fact, your love of super tight ponytails has done you no good.

‘Those tight ponytails from your youth will pay you back now,’ he said – adding that they’ll stop baby hairs from growing out.

‘With any hairstyle you do in the future, loosen off the hair band and give those babies a chance to grow.’

5. Combing from the top down

While it might sound logical to comb your hair from the top downwards when it’s wet, in fact the opposite is true.

‘If you start from the top of your crown and drag your comb down, it will be a right old mess by the time you reach the bottom,’ Anthony said.

‘When combing your damp strands, instead grab a wide tooth comb and start from the nape area (ends first), working your way up to the roots.’

The hairdresser said that this will ensure you are breaking as few hairs as possible.

6. Going too hard on the bleach

Finally, the cardinal sin committed by so many women in pursuit of perfect bleach blonde hair is too much bleach.

And Anthony said you need to cut back.

‘There’s no need to have the full service of having bleach applied to your hair strands, as if it’s done right in the first place in the foil positioning, you’re saving extra bucks in the long run,’ he said.

‘Ask your hair colourist’s advice with the bleach and see if you can only have this applied every second or third salon visit.

‘Your locks can only take so much bleach – you don’t want your strands to snap off in the process.’

By Sophie Haslett for Daily Mail Australia


Chop chop.

Whether you went ahead and chopped off a few inches in search of the lob or went for a full-blown fringe, suddenly we’re going to great lengths for some extra length.

According to hair maestro, Anthony Nader of Sydney’s RAW Anthony Nader salon, the key to maintaining your mane and avoiding your hairdresser needing to lop off a good couple of inches is making sure you keep on top of that six-weekly ‘baby’ trim.

“A baby trim is when you don’t want a haircut but you really just need a few millimetres taken off to strengthen and keep the ends looking healthy so they will grow nicely. By doing this you’re keeping split ends at bay and your strands will grow faster and more importantly, stronger.”

The obvious signs of crossing that line are very clear.

Leaving your haircut too long between cuts will only encourage those split ends to split further up the hair shaft, which then leads to your hairdresser snipping even more length off which isn’t the goal for growing your hair.

“Your ends will become more wispy and frayed, so in turn your hair style won’t perform as well and you won’t get the longevity to last the distance,” explains Nader.

“For those with coloured hair, your ends will tend to look dehydrated and faded, so you can keep your colour looking sharp by having the ends trimmed.”

But you can give your strands a helping hand – literally.

“Give yourself a rosemary oil scalp massage. You simply add a couple of drops to your shampoo or, dilute it with another oil like olive or coconut, and apply it directly to your scalp and massage it in and then rinse it out after a few minutes.”

And when you’re making your next product investments, make sure you ask your hairdresser to prescribe you key scientific ingredients as Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, omega 9, castor oil and coconut as “these guys will give your hair strands a 100% boost”.

By Ashleigh Austen