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Bella Hadid has had her super long, brunette locks chopped (we think) and is now sporting a very retro-style fringe.

The 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model has been snapped with feathery bangs framing her face and she looks completely different.


Bella’s new style is a testament to just how much a fringe can switch things up.

Her 70’s-inspired baby-soft bangs were debuted at the weekend wedding of fashion designer Marc Jacobs and there’s no doubting that he would have fully approved. We are talking a seriously on-trend hair style here.



Bella’s fringe made her look like a legitimate (and very, very pretty) member of Charlie’s Angels.

There’s no question whether it suited her or not – it most certainly did!

The only thing we were left wondering is whether this was a real fringe cut into her luxuriously, long locks, or a clip-in set of some kind. Faux or natural? Who’s to say. What we can confirm is it looked beautiful on her – and that she looked 100 per cent brand new.



That comes as no surprise to award-winning stylist Anthony Nader, of RAW Hair,

“It surprises people all the time but the fact is a fringe can make a huge difference in how you look,” says Anthony.

They’re also other benefits to bangs. For example, they do work incredibly well as camouflage for any fine lines and/ or wrinkles! Not that Bella has any of those.

Sadly though, not all hair is suited to soft, wispy tendril-style bangs like Bella’s.



Bangs cut into hair that’s coarse and/ or frizzy will not simply fall like Bella’s and instead will need to be straightened after every wash.

But hey, the results are clearly worth it.

Anthony’s top shelf hair product faves. Seen Beauty Crew.

WHY IS GLASS HAIR THE BEAUTY TREND THAT WONT FADE. Get Anthony’s high voltage tips seen Harper’s Bazaar

Glass Hair: The Styling Trend That Will Continue To Dominate 2019

It was one of the break-out hair trends of 2018, but it looks like ‘glass hair’ isn’t going anywhere in 2019 either.
Like glass skin, glass hair is officially this season’s new ‘it’ look, and despite its fragile namesake, this look is a bold beauty statement.

What is Glass Hair?

Think: ultra-shiny strands in an extremely sleek, sharp bob. Whether it’s on the shorter or longer side of the trend, the look creates a halo-like effect around the face thanks to its high-octane gloss finish.

A surprisingly versatile look, many celebrities (including all of the Kardashians) have jumped on the glass hair bandwagon in recent times. Most notably, Kim Kardashian, when she sported a blunt, 90s-inspired bob courtesy of celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton.


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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about @kimkardashian super sharp bob so I thought I would answer some! The inspiration was 90s swishy glass hair. I wanted to create a really intense shine and for the hair. I cut the kims hair shorter than we’ve ever done before just underneath the jaw line, keeping the cut blunt with no angle. For me getting an intense shine was really important part of our look. On wet hair, I applied @ColorWowHair #DreamCoat then blow dried the hair using a large round bristle brush. Unlike the sleek styles we’ve done in the past we wanted the hair to have some volume, so I kicked the ends under for the cute 90s twist. I always finish off with a drop of #ColorWowHair Pop and Lock just to finish off the shine and lock in the style. Hope this answers all your Qs #chrisappletonhair @makeupbymario

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How do you achieve the glass hair look?

Despite its polished appearance, the glass hair style is much easier to achieve than it appears.
“For the upcoming season, to maintain that mirror-finish, start by asking your stylist to go easy on the layers and texture and aim for a solid, blunt line on the ends. This will help emphasise the sheen, and more importantly, how healthy your strands are,” said leading Sydney hairstylist, Anthony Nader of Raw Salon.
“To get the ultimate glass hair, opt for having a one-colour glaze all over, rather than multiple highlights or lowlights scattered throughout. A glaze emphasises volume and gives that high-voltage, mega-watt shine.”
Product-wise, Nader recommends applying a shine spray or serum to damp hair that’s been slightly blow-dried, before brushing the hair dead straight.
“Use a bristle brush to get that beautiful, high-gloss finish. A straightening iron is a must here to sleeken your strands, and to avoid any stray waves interrupting that light-reflecting sheen.”
For more inspiration, scroll on for the best ways to style glass hair in 2019.


Expert tips to hide the fact that your locks are overdue for a good shampoo.

We all know the feeling of thinking we can stretch to one more day without giving our hair a well-deserved wash, only to find a grease pit staring back at us in the mirror.

Batiste ambassador and all-round hair guru, Anthony Nader, shares his top ways to save the look of your hair on those non-wash days.

In addition to using a dry shampoo, here’s how you should style your locks to make your hair look fresh.

Cover up

“To cover up those oily roots in no time at all, brush your strands clean to the head surface into a low ponytail and secure at the base,” Anthony advises.

If you want to get even more on trend, try making a deep side part before sweeping back into a ponytail and you’ll be mirroring a few catwalk-worthy looks.

All about the bun

Make your strands rise to the occasion by scraping them back loosely into a low chignon bun at the nape of the neck and pop a few pins in to secure.

“I suggest embellishing the front of your hair with a colourful headband or scarf,” Anthony tells.

It’s all about style

The ultimate way to disguise dirty hair, Anthony reveals is to hark back to your shcool days.

“Plaits are a great way to disguise dirty hair and are so low maintenance and easy to do yourself,” he explains. “A simple plaited style can take you from day to night.”

For shorter ‘dos

If all this twisting and tucking your hair isn’t for you because your tresses are of the shorter variety, Anthony suggests investing in some hair accessories.

“Invest in a few different chic and on-trend, coloured silk head scarfs to disguise your dirty hair,” he suggests. “You can go from Pucci-inspired with bold neon 70’s patterns, to simple and under-stated, and don’t forget the power of that traditional Burberry print.”



Despite the recent joyous news that Australia has passed a law to ban animal testings on cosmetic ingredients, it still can be a minefield navigating professional hair colour and care products.

I mean, it’s one thing purchasing your own products – you can check for Cruelty Free and Vegan Certification logos, read the ingredients list, or even scan the bar code using a clever app like The Fussy Vegan, but once you step into a salon for professional colour, who knows what is going on your hair? And how many of us have even thought to ask?

Thank goodness, we can rest easy, with more and more leading hairdressers choosing vegan and cruelty-free.

Raw Hair in Sydney is one such salon. An animal lover and advocate from way back, owner and celeb stylist Anthony Nader was adamant when he opened his doors five years ago that all colour services in the uber-chic Surry Hills salon were vegan (all but a few of the care and styling products used by the salon are vegan-friendly, too).

When choosing which brand to use to highlight, add gloss, lighten or infuse shine into his clients’ locks, Anthony said it was a no-brainer.

“We went with Muk Hybrid Cream Colour,” he says with as little hesitation as he used to make the decision. “It’s an Australian-made brand that is PETA-approved and certified vegan and cruelty-free. We were actually involved in the trial process of the product, with the company owner including the salon in testing of the colours before it went to market, so we know it back to front.

“We know it’s going to be kind to our clients’ hair, as well as to the animals. I needed to choose a formula is going to benefit the health of my customers’ hair – now and in the future. The fact that it’s also doing no harm to animals is amazing, too.”

With over 103 intermixable hybrid shades, colourists can create bespoke shades for blondes, brunettes and redheads, and even add some unique shades that really pop, like pinks, blue or purple, thanks to another vegan range by MUK called Direct Dye. They can also offer permanent colour, blonde toning, demi-permanent, intense demi-permanent, colour balancing or men’s grey blending.

“The colour range is vast and excellent,” says Anthony, “especially the blondes. My team of colourists were so excited about it and the clients have been commenting on the longevity of colour as well as how soft and shiny their hair is – even those with really coarse, curly or unruly hair!”

Of course, coloured hair requires great care at home, too.

When I tested the blonde colour treatment in MUK Hybrid, I was super impressed, but to keep the results as fresh as the day they were achieved, Anthony sent me home with a selection of R+CO vegan hair care and styling products. They included:

– Sunset Boulevard Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, $45 each.
Not only are these a joy to use – they feel amazing, lather up beautifully, detangle like a breeze and smell divine – they leave my blonde hair hydrated, manageable and clean of colour (read: not a trace of yellow or brassiness).

– Gemstone Color Shampoo, $35, and Conditioner, $36.
Hydrating, shine-infusing and a smell that’s sent from heaven, these are great for girls with darker hues, redheads and even blondes. I’ve been using them every second or third shampoo and absolutely love them.

– Dallas Thickening Spray, $39.
This is everything for a fine haired gal like me. It actually helps detangle my tresses before I blow-dry and then when I do heat style, it helps add so much oomph that I don’t need to worry about flat roots for a few days.

– Chiffon Styling Mousse, $38.
because I subscribe to the theory, ‘the higher the hair, the closer to God,’ I double up with this thickening styling foam after I’ve applied the aforementioned thickening spray. It does the job, without tacky the gluggy feeling that some mousse formulas leave you with.

– Death Valley Dry Shampoo, $44.
I’m a massive fan of dry shampoo, to disguise regrowth, to soak up oil ion between washes and to add mega body to my fine hair. This one ticks every box, and it doesn’t leave a chalky powder like so many dry shampoos do, which makes it fantastic for all hair hues.