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The leading Aussie hair stylist chats to us about blunt ends, troche New York and saying bye-bye to Bondi hair.
Australian hair stylist Anthony Nader spends his time living in the best of both worlds. He divides his time between Sydney, working at his salon Raw in Surry Hills, and New York, spritzing, styling and chopping up a storm.

His rich experience with everyday women in his salon and mega-watt editorials in the big smoke certainly give him an edge that makes us instantly listen up when he’s got the lowdown on locks.
He found the time to chat with us amidst the high profile jobs and jet lag, revealing to us his obsession with blunt ends, Anna Kendrick and his thoughts on Bondi culture not being all it’s cracked up to be…

What trends do you see coming through for winter?

Girls it’s time to say good-bye to that Bondi Beach stringy look, your ends have copped such a beating in the last few months. I get the whole summer glow thing but let’s concentrate on making your hair your main priority. Embrace a healthier look your strands will love you for this winter.

Blunt ends are what it’s all about. There’s a nice quiet confidence about them. I’m seeing now that hair that isn’t afraid to look super sharp as it makes the hair float more and appear hydrated.
It doesn’t matter what your desired length is for winter just so long as the final result looks graphic and with one product you can give movement to the interior layers of your hair.

Is there a current NYC hair trend that you can see making its way to Australia?

There’s definitely a wave now of keeping hair more touchable and low-key, rather than having that rebellious I-don’t-give-damn look of not washing your hair.

I think Australia will always have that beach culture, it’s our trademark. But it’s really an easy transition from putting your Bondi Beach look on the back burner till summer and keeping your strands breathable by shampooing your hair more and not using gluggy styling products.
Keep it simple here girls. I can’t stress to you enough that by using one or two key products, your hair style will look like a native New Yorker in a flash. Minus the jet lag.

Which celebrity has the hottest hair right now?

My hair heroes for winter are Lara Stone in the latest Calvin Klein campaign with her sexy airy voluminous strands, Anna Kendrick’s long tousled waves with blunt ends, Rihanna’s razor blunt graphic bob in the latest Dior ads and Taylor Swift’s soft baby-like hair with a bold fringe; a look still in high demand from my clients.

Tell us, what’s the colour of the season?

Shine, shine and even more shine!
First of all, if you’re still rockin’ the two tone ova-the-top Balayage and still want to stay on that track, just tone down the bleached mid-lengths and ends a few shades so they look more natural and rich rather than appearing dehydrated and wispy.

I’m really into the “Tortoise Shell” technique where you have a few complementary shades that bounce off each other. So when your hair moves you see a variation of beautifully rich colours and textures. The technique also works perfectly on finer hair strands, giving them a thicker more and lustrous appearance. It’s really all about the colour placement with this technique.

Highlights are a given but go easy on the stripes on your hair part. Opt for a more subtle look. Have your colourist weave very fine highlights on your part to frame your face. This way your colour will grow out more naturally and resemble a halo of sun kisses. It’s better for your hair in the long run.

What’s a trend to avoid this season?

Looking like you’re in a band that has played at a gig till 5am and your hair is all rocked out! Less “louder” looking hair. I like this winter’s hair trend to be more on the quieter side. I don’t think your hair needs a multitude of colours or a haircut bigger than Ben Hur to scream out “Look at my hair!”. It’s the quiet achievers that I notice. That’s what I tune into in my world.

Check out Anthony’s hair adventures between Sydney and New York on his Instagram.