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For a man who spends half his time in Sydney and the other in New York, Anthony Nader has made quite a name for himself in Australia over the years. With an impressive celebrity clientele and a slew of magazine and online shoots in his portfolio, he’s, well, kind of a big deal.

I’ve been lucky to have had Anthony tend to my strands over the years, but since he moved his flagship salon to a shiny new space on Surry Hills’ Commonwealth St, it was high time to pay him a visit.

Anthony-Nader-at-RAW-Hair salon

The salon reflected Anthony to a tee: modern, dynamic, stylish; half Sydneysider, half New Yorker. It oozed elegance, with industrial lighting, rustic timber flooring and a classic barber shop vibe.

I was ushered into the washroom, and instantly felt as though I’d been transported to a tranquil Balinese resort. The room was still and calming, with the kind of ultra-comfortable chairs you can sink into all day long. A shower of beads separated each chair, adding an incredibly luxurious feel to the space – I honestly felt like a celebrity.

Anthony-Nader-at-RAW Hair -salon-Olivia_Mackinnon_Anthony_Nader

Soon after, it was time for a trim. Anthony knows I’ve been trying to grow out my locks, and is always so careful to make sure he understands exactly what I’m after, while offering his expert advice at the same time. I’ve heard gems like, “I’m all about sharp, blunt cuts at the moment, darling” from Anthony over the years!


The chop was followed by my favourite part of the RAW experience: the blow-dry. Anthony is famous globally for his blow-dries. His technique uses brushes to create the sort of bounce you always think you’ll get when a hairdresser says they’re going to give you ‘movement’, but never actually end up with – instead walking out looking like a Toddlers and Tiaras contestant. Anthony actually creates that bounce. The flippy, can’t-stop-touching-it kind of blow-dry that only the Victoria’s Secret models seem to rock – and I’ve got the photos to prove it!