About Anthony Nader

About Anthony Nader

Anthony Nader

Anthony Nader is a highly acclaimed, award-winning Hair Stylist whose work continues to turn heads and grace the covers of leading fashion magazines from around the world.

Anthony began his career working in the family hair salon in Moruya,  a small town south of Sydney. He decided to take a big leap and went to London where he had an incredible opportunity to work with international hair stylists.

With his fingers firmly sinking into current trends and scissors in hand, Anthony returned to Australia working under Robert Snow a top Session Stylist in Sydney. It is here where he was able to shape the future of his career while providing his loyal clients with what he visualized.

It was then time for Anthony to pursue his dream which he accomplished in 1997 with the opening of his first salon in Darlinghurst along with partner David Shaw. This was the beginning of RAW Anthony Nader.

In 2006, Anthony received the title of Australian Hairdresser of the Year by The Australia Hair Fashion Journal. It was about that time when he became the first Australian salon owner to market his own line of professional hair care products. Since then, Anthony has been making his mark on the fashion scene receiving numerous awards, accolades and countless magazine articles whilst remaining true to his clientele.

Anthony has spent the past 10 years commuting between Sydney and New York where he works on editorials, Fashion Weeks and advertising campaigns with frequently returning to Sydney to tend to his loyal client base and inspire his team.