Can you pick which celebrities “hair faked” it and who didn’t ? Get Anthony’s red carpet sneaky hair tricks as seen on MTV Australia

When style chameleon Kylie Jenner recently revealed her IRL hair to us on Snapchat, we were suitably shook.

She’s been fooling us with ~amazing~ wigs this whole time!? Yep, and so have a handful of other stylish celebs.

We needed to know the truth, so we enlisted the help of celebrity hair stylist Anthony Nader to shed some light on which a-listers aren’t actually rocking their real locks.

Prepare to be shocked!

1. Bella Hadid


Were you lusting over Bella Hadid’s blunt fringe on the red carpet of the CFDA awards? Us too.

Little did we know, it was actually a clip-on fringe!

“Bella’s faux fringe was a red carpet show-stopper and all of us industry insiders were sure she really did take to the shears,” says Anthony.

“A faux fringe is such a fun way to change up your look without having to sacrifice six months to grow it out either!”

“Always opt for human hair pieces as it will appear far more realistic. Just unclip one or two tiny clips that are sewn in, position the fringe to the front of your head and backcomb where the clips are (as this holds better) – attach, style, and you’re good to go!”

2. Charlize Theron

The beautiful and ageless Charlize Theron appeared on W Magazine’s most recent cover in a ~stunning~ Taylor Swift-esque blonde bob.

“I love Charlize’s wig on the cover of W Magazine because it looks so real,” says Anthony.

“It’s the carefully painted-in regrowth which is key to her wig fooling readers. But not us! This dishevelled, shaggy interior of the haircut also makes her wig look soft and natural. I give it a 10/10”

3. Nicole Kidman

According to Anthony, Nicole Kidman is sporting wig almost 100% of the time on any given red carpet.

Did she fool us? YES, but not the industry insiders.

“Unfortunately, poor Nicole’s hair has been every colour on the blonde spectrum, and despite being on Hollywood’s rich list, she needs a full-time personal hairstylist to weave their magic for ever red carpet event,” says Anthony.

“I have to admit her hairstylist is very good at matching up her lace-front wig pieces. Now, the question is, what will she be rocking next!?”

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana’s signature ponytail? According to Anthony, it’s a straight-up wig, y’all!

“Ariana’s hairstylist really needs a trophy for how well they’ve built this ponytail into her hair. It looks so real it almost needs its own Instagram account.”

“If you want to try this at home, though, make sure you invest in the longest human hair ‘switch'” (industry talk for a hair-piece)

“Do an ‘inner’ ponytail first, leave out an approx. 2-inch section around the hairline, then attach your switch and secure it to the pony base. Now, brush up all the hair around the hairline smoothly into the ponytail base and secure.”

“Finish off by taking a half-inch section and wrapping it around the base. Spray with a hard-hold spray and pin the ends in.”

5. Chrissy Teigen

Apparently, Chrissy never leaves home without a few or more hair pieces to make her locks appear thicker!

“When you’re a beautiful, social butterfly like Chrissy and your BFF is hair extraordinaire Jen Atkin, it’s very easy to change up your style.”

“Chrissy isn’t afraid of voluminous hair, but to do that she uses hair pieces that blend with her natural colour and cut. Hair pieces are really fun and allow you to change up your boring day job hair into a night-out style in a matter of 10-15 minutes tops!”

By Kate Venman for mtv.com.au