Your go-to guide for Sydney’s top colourists

Any girl knows that getting her hair colour done is a big deal.

Besides the fact that you’re forking over a good amount of money and you want a good result, there’s not much that can make one feel like a million bucks more than a stellar colour job.

So where do you go if you don’t already have a colourist (or maybe your current one just isn’t doing what you’d like) ?

Here 10 beauty editors reveal the salons and stylists they go to, so you can pretty much be assured that these are some of the best hairdressers and colourists in Sydney.

Central Sydney
Simon Bright Salon, Darlinghurst


“Simon has been my go-to guy for keeping my blonde fresh and natural for almost ten years. I see him every eight weeks for a half head of foils (or a full head every other time when my hair is longer). He’s a straight shooter, cheeky and, best of all, very quick (I’m in and out in two hours which, any blonde will agree, is super speedy!).” – Alex Noonan, Content Director, Beauty Crew

Dario Cotroneo Salon, Darlinghurst
“For many years I’ve had my blonde foils expertly shaded at Dario Cotroneo Salon, Darlinghurst. I always ask for a rose gold blonde – it’s got those lovely pale, milky blonde hues with a touch of pink. I am always guided by my colourist when changing up my hair colour – they are experts and will ensure the colour suits your skin tone.” – Melinda Ayre, Beauty & Grooming Editor, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Prevention.

Edwards & Co, Surry Hills
“I follow him [Remington Shultz] anywhere. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I have never left the chair anything but thrilled with my colour. He is the balayage king.

I used to be very blonde and get a blonde tint with foils over the top, but then I wanted a more natural, low-maintenance look. I now get a semi on the base (for me this is a light-to-medium brown) then I get blonde foils from mid lengths to ends to create a balayage effect. If I feel it’s getting too dark as my natural colour comes through I break it up a bit more with extra blonde foils, particularly around the front – and have them start a little higher up.” – Caelia Corse, Beauty & Grooming Director, Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Prevention.

RAW Anthony Nader, Surry Hills


“When strangers ask you where you get your hair coloured you know you’ve hit the jackpot. I like my colour to be creamy blonde with fine, fine foils so it looks super natural. I think being blonde is the most tricky colour to get, as it can be too light or too dark blonde or throw red, but Marc Armstrong understands that I don’t want to be TOO blonde – as much as I love it, it’s just too high-maintenance for a working mum like me.” – Adriana Donnola, Beauty Director, New Idea

Barney Martin, Surry Hills


For colour, I see Shari Reynolds at Barney Martin’s chic Surry Hills salon. In addition to being an absolute delight, Shari has magic powers when it comes to conjuring up a believable, long-lasting Blake Lively style blonde. I only have to see her once every three or four months and she has an incredible ability to colour and lighten without damaging hair.” – Dani Jackson, Beauty Editor, WHO

Elyston Hayden, CBD
“Going blonde has been an adventure to say the least! It first took me a few months to lift my dark brown hair to the light colour that I have, and now regular visits (with lots of toner) is key to maintaining my look. Two and a half years on and I’ve been everything from totally bleached (almost white!), to icy cool, to warm honey and caramel tones.

The fact that I’ve has my blonde hair for more than two years is testament to the magical hands of Elyston Hayden – he understands how to tackle brassiness with toners like no other! I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to go from dark to light blonde.” – Iantha Yu, Beauty Editor, Beauty Crew

Inner West
Academie Salon


“I’ve just started going to Richi at Academie Salon in Annandale. I wanted to take my colour from all-over foils to a more low-maintenance style because I’m lazy at booking hair appointments, and I hate the three hours I have to spend there! So, I asked for a really natural ombre blonde, going from my natural dark blonde at the roots to a warm lighter blonde at the ends. The most important thing is I still wanted to feel blonde (once you go there you can never let go!) so I wanted the lighter highlights around my face, and some baby lights throughout my hair so it looks blended at natural. Sounds complicated, but looks amazing (says me!) and Richi understood exactly what I wanted… and better yet actually delivered on this ridiculously high-maintenance request!” – Sarah Tarca, Beauty Director, marie claire

Eastern suburbs


“Tarryn at MOB Hair is essentially a magician when it comes to colour. When I started going to her many moons ago, I was all about light balayage, and the way she lightened my dark brown roots and expertly blended the colour down to a light blonde (with no telltale lines!) was perfection. She’s always managed to nail every variation of balayage I’ve asked for (there’s always been an inspiration picture) More recently, I’ve decided to go darker with more honey and caramel tones in my ends (as opposed to ashy and light blonde), and the blending has been absolutely seamless, and the result so, so natural.” – Carli Alman, Editor, Beauty Crew

Northern beaches
Mana Hair, Avalon
“I’ve been going to the girls at Mana Hair for my blonde the last 10 years – I simply can’t trust anyone else! They do a flawless job on my colour and cut, where I walk out feeling like a new woman every time.” – Brittany Lane, Contributing News and Social Editor, Beauty Crew

Ecru Hair Studio, Mona Vale
“The team at this salon offer it all – they’re very professional, caring about their customers needs and wants, friendly and reasonably priced.” – Annie Millar, Lifestyle and Beauty Editor, Better Homes and Gardens.

By Carli Alman for beautycrew.com.au